Friday, October 23, 2009

The fine art of a balanced life

I don’t know about you, but, I have a very hard time finding balance in my life. So that got me thinking … today’s generations are the most overcommitted ever. Today’s teens face so many activities to fit in the 24 hours of our day, including schoolwork, youth group / church (hopefully), sports, duties and responsibilities at home, friendships, jobs, technology, and much more. All of this makes it easy to feel overwhelmed! It makes it really easy for God and church and family not to be our priorities.

It’s not easy to live a balanced life. So many people place demands on us (including ourselves). But finding balance is imperative if we are going to accomplish what God has in store for us. And the truth is, we can’t be effective if we’re constantly feeling exhausted, stressed, and / or overwhelmed.

By having faith in God and ourselves, letting God be in control, and a few helpful tips (from this great book I currently reading), I am convinced we can live a balanced life and understand that God called and allowed us to be exactly where we are this very minute … even if it is hectic and crazy or perfect and stress-free.

Tips for a leading a balanced life:

1. God first – ALWAYS. Enough said … see Deut. 6:5, etc.

2. Stay connected to God – duh … pray and praise (worship)! Frequent conversation and time with the other is important in any relationship. And, that does mean church, worship, youth group, Sunday school, service/missions become the ways in which we partially live into that relationship.

3. Get a planner – plan, plan, plan. Manage your schedule and time better will help you avoid dilemmas.

4. Delegate – figure out what only you can do and get help with the rest from those who are willing!

5. Sabbath – that’s a big word for rest. Even God rested, right? Take at least a day off … COMPLETELY!

6. Learn to say “no” – this is tough but sometimes you have to say no in order to keep your priorities straight.

7. Hang with your family – even if it’s just dinner. But what about movie night or a vacation? There’s only one you in your family and you can’t be replaced!

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