Thursday, August 5, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 5 by Jordan Sommer

We went to a new house today! We painted the exterior of it. The house was actually pretty nice compared to the other ones we've been to this week. The lady who owns it inherited it from her parents when they died. But, soon after she and her husband moved in, he passed away and she was left with two kids to raise and the house went on the back burner. She's putting herself through college so, of course, home repairs are hard to do. Today, she got new windows, paint and porch railings.

For our activity we went on the beach tonight and had a worship service. Everyone had to bring an object from the job site that symbolized their experience as a servant this week. We each took turns explaining the significance of our objects and what we learned about each other, God, and ourselves this week. We are each going home different than when we came! The objects we each brought - we super glued them to a cross we made out of wood from the site. During worship, we took turns and served each other communion. Pastor Tim had consecrated the box of bread mix and juice druring worship on Sunday and we cooked the bread this morning.

To view pictures of our day, go to our facebook page!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 4 by Justin Hall

So today was a lot more hard on all of us than we thought it would be. We all got up at around 6 this morning. However, we got through the day and got a lot done for a days work. We arrived at the work site at 8:00am.

The guys worked on the roof and it was so hot!!! I can say for all of us that the guys got the hottest job of the day. We took some vents for the roof and put them down and in the process we kinda screwed some things up but it all worked out just right.

So the girls had to paint the exterior of the house(outside). And wrap the outsides of the windows with tape and plastic. Then when us guys got done we all got off the roof and helped the girls out with the painting.

So for our lunch break we had pb&j and turkey sandwhiches it really hit the spot on a hot day of work. We had a long lunch break because it was sooooo hot. We bring our lunch and drinks to the site each day. It is nice to sit and hang out at lunch!

We had tacos for supper and our "out of your comfort zone dinner" hallenge for today was that we couldnt feed ourselves we had to feed eachother. We all split up and had a good time with that. Tonight for our message Jillianne is going to talk about being the light of christ and we are palying glow in the dark dodge ball. For our dessert we had peach cobbler and it was AMAZING!!

Here are some pictures from our day! To see all of them, go to our facebook page!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 3 by Casey McIntosh

So we got through day 3 of our mission trip (work day number 2)! It was EXTREMELY hot and of course the clouds didn't do much for us :(

Today, we all went back to the houses we had been working on. Us girls washed the lady's house and finished up putting in the floor. The boys finished putting in windows, put vinyl around the house, and also put in new air ducts. When they were done, they came to our house and helped us.

After we finished up the house, we went to another house where we pressure washed the it and started painting. However, the house had to dry before we can paint it's exterior (tomorrow). So, we got to leave a bit early today so we came back to the church and changed into our bathingsuits and headed to the beach!

Jillanne's first activity was for us to tie a string around our wrists and talk about our day then throw the yarn to another person so we were tangled up like in a web. She then told us to eat while we were all tied together! It was so hard! Everyone had to move at the same time just to walk! It was really funny though. Then we tried to play frisbee all tangled up like that! We also made sand scultpures of ourselves.

The lesson for tonight was about being a part of the body of Christ (i.e. why we had to eat dinner all tied together) and about the importance each of us serves in the body of Christ!

For dinner, we ate hotdogs, potatoe salad, and watermelon! It was very yummie :)
We then made a fire and roasted marshmallows! Also very yummie. After that, we all came back to the church to take showers and go to sleep early! Goodnight- Casey

Here are some pictures from the day. To see the rest, please go to our student facebook page:!/pages/Lexington-SC/Zion-Lutheran-Church-Youth/150573651544?ref=ts&__a=5&ajaxpipe=1

Monday, August 2, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 2 by Brent Wingard

This morning's wake up call came awfully early - 6:30am to be exact. Sunday night, we didn't get to bed until about 11:45pm or after! The work day was fairly easy for the guys, unlike the girls day (we were working at two differnt sites). Here are some highlights:
*The girls found 2 dead rats while tearing out flooring that was rotten.
*The guys didn't really get dirty (or to shower first).
*The girls tore out an entire dining room floor and replaced it with new joists
and plywood sub-floor!
*The guys helped put in 2 windows and will finish the third tomorrow.
*The girls replaced half a popcorn ceiling!
*The guys spent time talking to the owner of the home where they were working
and she helped them clean up the rotten wood from rthe windows they were
*The girls had a distracting visit from the cutest puppies that were roaming
the neighborhood.

For dinner, we had another "challenge" to step out of our comfort zones. We are doing these each night at dinner. This time, we had to eat spaghetti without using a fork, spoon, or knife. We had to bring our own utensil! Some brought spatulas! Needless to say, it was a pretty messy dinner, but we all left the table full!

The lesson that Jillianne taught us tonight when we got back to the church in Pawley's Island was about spiritual gifts. We learned what types of gifts we each have individually.

See some of our pictures below or head to the Zion Youth Facebook Page to see more!!/pages/Lexington-SC/Zion-Lutheran-Church-Youth/150573651544?ref=ts&__a=6&ajaxpipe=1

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 1

We're on day one of our first ever Zion senior high mission trip to Georgetown, SC! Zion's congregation generously supported this opportunity for our students to serve and share God's love. We were able to raise $2143.00 to help with expenses of this trip and the mid high trip (last weekend) to Beaufort, SC. And, a fellow congregation, St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Pawley's Island, graciosly opened up their church and fellowship hall to host us this week! We'll be doing our work through the United Methodist Relief Center. We'll be working on several houses in the Georgtown/Andrews area doing some flooring, painting, roofing, and intalling new windows. Today, I'm writing the blog. However, each day this week, one of our students will be blogging and sharing information about the work we are doing and the evening programs being led by Jillianne.

Today, we traveled to Pawley's Island after the 11am worship service at Zion. Our time began with a lunch stop at 5 Guys in Lexington. Once we arrived in Pawley's Isalnd, arond 5pm, we were greated by Pastor Lyle at St. Peter's and we "moved" in to our temporary home!

I explained to the youth that this week is all about stepping out of their comfort zones! When we are willing to step out, God grows us and we are better able to sense God's presence in our lives and the lives of others! To prove this idea, each dinner meal we share together will be an "out of your comfort zone" dinner. Tonight's meal - the youth were given $50 and asked to provide food for the ten participants on the trip. The only rules were no pizza or sandwhiches. The youth brainstormed for a while and decided to to breakfast for dinner. As they were making their grocery list, someone decided going to Waffle House would be easier. So, off we headed to waffle house! After some free waffles and biscuits and gravy, we met our goal!!!

After dinner, we returned to St. Peter's for a program on servanthood. We started with some hilarious games that focused on attention to detail and building/teamwork (important jobs for us this week)! First was a reverse photo scavenger hunt. Basically, the youth started with a list of 8 captions and they had to be creative and capture a picture to go with it. Here are some examples:

"Who would have thought a youth group could do this an no one got arrested?"

"It was pretty obvious to onlookers how THIS was going to end."

"'Be Careful!' someone shouted at the group. "THIS could cause an unstoppable outbreak of peace in the world."

In our next game, we built towers out of marshmellows and spaghetti! The goal was to see which group, the guys or the girls, could build the highest tower. This was the winner (built by the guys):

We then brainstormed the characteristics of a servant and a missionary and decided that we are called to be both this week! Some of the characteristics of a servant/missionary the students came up with were: willing, hard working, committed to sharing God's love, and helpful. We used Matthew 5:7-12 to talk more about the charcateristics of a servant/missionary!

We also looked at several examples of servants in Scripture and the senior highs acted out the scenes of Jesus calling the fishermen to be fishers of people, Mary and Martha, and Jesus washing the disciples feet.

We ended our evening by serving one another, and again stepping out of our comfort zone, by painting and washing each other's feet and hands.

After all, this week, we are Zion's and God's hands and feet in the community of Georgetown and Pawley's Island! By painting ... we created this: