Thursday, August 5, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 5 by Jordan Sommer

We went to a new house today! We painted the exterior of it. The house was actually pretty nice compared to the other ones we've been to this week. The lady who owns it inherited it from her parents when they died. But, soon after she and her husband moved in, he passed away and she was left with two kids to raise and the house went on the back burner. She's putting herself through college so, of course, home repairs are hard to do. Today, she got new windows, paint and porch railings.

For our activity we went on the beach tonight and had a worship service. Everyone had to bring an object from the job site that symbolized their experience as a servant this week. We each took turns explaining the significance of our objects and what we learned about each other, God, and ourselves this week. We are each going home different than when we came! The objects we each brought - we super glued them to a cross we made out of wood from the site. During worship, we took turns and served each other communion. Pastor Tim had consecrated the box of bread mix and juice druring worship on Sunday and we cooked the bread this morning.

To view pictures of our day, go to our facebook page!

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