Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 4 by Justin Hall

So today was a lot more hard on all of us than we thought it would be. We all got up at around 6 this morning. However, we got through the day and got a lot done for a days work. We arrived at the work site at 8:00am.

The guys worked on the roof and it was so hot!!! I can say for all of us that the guys got the hottest job of the day. We took some vents for the roof and put them down and in the process we kinda screwed some things up but it all worked out just right.

So the girls had to paint the exterior of the house(outside). And wrap the outsides of the windows with tape and plastic. Then when us guys got done we all got off the roof and helped the girls out with the painting.

So for our lunch break we had pb&j and turkey sandwhiches it really hit the spot on a hot day of work. We had a long lunch break because it was sooooo hot. We bring our lunch and drinks to the site each day. It is nice to sit and hang out at lunch!

We had tacos for supper and our "out of your comfort zone dinner" hallenge for today was that we couldnt feed ourselves we had to feed eachother. We all split up and had a good time with that. Tonight for our message Jillianne is going to talk about being the light of christ and we are palying glow in the dark dodge ball. For our dessert we had peach cobbler and it was AMAZING!!

Here are some pictures from our day! To see all of them, go to our facebook page!


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