Monday, August 2, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 2 by Brent Wingard

This morning's wake up call came awfully early - 6:30am to be exact. Sunday night, we didn't get to bed until about 11:45pm or after! The work day was fairly easy for the guys, unlike the girls day (we were working at two differnt sites). Here are some highlights:
*The girls found 2 dead rats while tearing out flooring that was rotten.
*The guys didn't really get dirty (or to shower first).
*The girls tore out an entire dining room floor and replaced it with new joists
and plywood sub-floor!
*The guys helped put in 2 windows and will finish the third tomorrow.
*The girls replaced half a popcorn ceiling!
*The guys spent time talking to the owner of the home where they were working
and she helped them clean up the rotten wood from rthe windows they were
*The girls had a distracting visit from the cutest puppies that were roaming
the neighborhood.

For dinner, we had another "challenge" to step out of our comfort zones. We are doing these each night at dinner. This time, we had to eat spaghetti without using a fork, spoon, or knife. We had to bring our own utensil! Some brought spatulas! Needless to say, it was a pretty messy dinner, but we all left the table full!

The lesson that Jillianne taught us tonight when we got back to the church in Pawley's Island was about spiritual gifts. We learned what types of gifts we each have individually.

See some of our pictures below or head to the Zion Youth Facebook Page to see more!!/pages/Lexington-SC/Zion-Lutheran-Church-Youth/150573651544?ref=ts&__a=6&ajaxpipe=1

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