Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Senior High Mission Trip - Day 3 by Casey McIntosh

So we got through day 3 of our mission trip (work day number 2)! It was EXTREMELY hot and of course the clouds didn't do much for us :(

Today, we all went back to the houses we had been working on. Us girls washed the lady's house and finished up putting in the floor. The boys finished putting in windows, put vinyl around the house, and also put in new air ducts. When they were done, they came to our house and helped us.

After we finished up the house, we went to another house where we pressure washed the it and started painting. However, the house had to dry before we can paint it's exterior (tomorrow). So, we got to leave a bit early today so we came back to the church and changed into our bathingsuits and headed to the beach!

Jillanne's first activity was for us to tie a string around our wrists and talk about our day then throw the yarn to another person so we were tangled up like in a web. She then told us to eat while we were all tied together! It was so hard! Everyone had to move at the same time just to walk! It was really funny though. Then we tried to play frisbee all tangled up like that! We also made sand scultpures of ourselves.

The lesson for tonight was about being a part of the body of Christ (i.e. why we had to eat dinner all tied together) and about the importance each of us serves in the body of Christ!

For dinner, we ate hotdogs, potatoe salad, and watermelon! It was very yummie :)
We then made a fire and roasted marshmallows! Also very yummie. After that, we all came back to the church to take showers and go to sleep early! Goodnight- Casey

Here are some pictures from the day. To see the rest, please go to our student facebook page:

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